Welcome to The Kentucky Wildlands. Rich in natural beauty, ancient forests, mist-shrouded mountains, soaring cliffs, lakes, adventurous outdoor recreation, culture, folklore, and tradition, this sprawling 14,000-square-mile region is home to one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. The Kentucky Wildlands, a largely untamed wilderness spanning eastern and southern Kentucky is filled with the same breathtaking natural wonders Daniel Boone first set eyes on when he crossed the Cumberland Gap in 1769. And today, this wide-open playground is still waiting to be explored.

"Hills and mountains, rivers and valleys, forests and open stretches of fertile lands interspersed with rivers fed by pure springs, wind and out and up and down fertile valleys." These exact words described a traveler's first trip to eastern Kentucky more than 200 years ago. Yet, that could have easily been uttered just yesterday.


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