Rock Climbing in The Kentucky Wildlands

The Kentucky Wildlands is filled with heart-pumping thrills that are sure to elevate your play and adventure. In the heart of Daniel Boone National Forest, you’ll discover The Red River Gorge, a world-renowned climbing destination just waiting for all to experience. Discover some of the most spectacular sandstone walls in the nation, as well the most famous sport climbs on the planet for climbers of all skill levels. So, grab your gear and get ready for some action.

World-Renowned Red River Gorge

Considered a climber’s paradise, the Red has 100 cliffs and over 3,000 routes. From traditional climbing to sport climbing, The Red River Gorge offers something for every climber. For the brave and experienced, many of the country’s iconic single pitch climbs are located here, including The Golden Ticket and Pure Imagination. This extreme natural attraction will have you challenging yourself with every move.

New Climbers Welcome

New to rock climbing? The Red offers climbing guides ready to lead you into the gorge safely and provide instructions for you and your whole family. Via Ferrata is perfect for beginner rock climbers. Secure your harness and helmet and prepare to embark on the different levels across the canyon. Work your way up through each of the six sections and experience the thrill of your first climb. And be sure to keep your eyes peeled to catch some incredible views of the gorge.

The Red's Hot Spot

After a day of rock-climbing adventures, grab a bite and mingle at Miguel’s Pizza and Rock Climbing Shop, the epicenter for climbing culture. It’s a must-see attraction for any fellow rock climber. Dine in with mouth-watering grub mixed with fun conversation among the climbing community. Exchange stories of the day and plan tomorrow’s adventures.

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