The traditional charcoal filtered distilling methods, processes and authentic recipes that have been passed down over time and generations are alive and well in the rich Appalachian distilling culture of The Kentucky Wildlands today.

Discover the trade secrets and recipes created during Prohibition on a tour at the Kentucky Mist Moonshine, a craft distillery located in the mountain town of Whitesburg, where you can taste the 100-year-old legacy of the Holbrook family in their flavored moonshines and vodkas. In Pikeville, sample the moonshine at Dueling Barrels Brewery & Distillery, where cultural mountain influences, such as bluegrass music, are woven into stories of their distilling heritage. Raise a glass of Fuel of the Feud Moonshine made from the same spring water used by the legendary McCoys of the Hatfield/McCoy Feud fame at the Pauley Hollow Distillery along the Kate Camp Branch stream which draws its water from the original McCoy well.

From moonshines, whiskeys and bourbons to brandy and vodkas in a wide range of flavors and proofs, you’ll find plenty to savor along with some unforgettable experiences at the unique distilleries of The Kentucky Wildlands.

Worth Adding to Your Kentucky Bucket List


Surrounded by the pristine Daniel Boone National Forest, Corbin lies at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and is home to Cumberland Falls State Park — deemed the Niagara of the South and site of the only known moonbow existing...