Wilderness Road Heritage Byway

Celebrate the heritage of the legendary pathway once blazed by renowned American frontiersman, Daniel Boone and take a memorable ride on the Wilderness Road Heritage Byway, a National Scenic Byway filled with breathtaking natural wonders, captivating historic sites and markers and beautiful Appalachian mountain towns.

Experience the joy and wonder of driving through the lush, majestic Daniel Boone National Forest where the road is lined with magnificent towering trees, including red oaks, red maples, birches, hemlocks and Virginia Pines. Be sure to stop off at one of the awe-inspiring roadside parks and natural preserves, such as the incredible 24,000-acre Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Here you’ll find over 80 miles of scenic hiking trails and underground cascades in the four level-deep Gap Cave, as well as clean-water Laurel River Lake with access to boating, skiing, fishing, deep scuba diving and swimming and picnicking beaches maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. Visit unique historic sites and learn about our national heritage and local lore firsthand at the Cumberland Gap’s still-standing Civil War fortifications and the 1901 Hensley Settlement, an early-American pioneer settlement, including an original blacksmith shop, springhouse, and one-room schoolhouse. Also in route is Kentucky’s legendary Renfro Valley, known as “Kentucky’s Country Music Capital”, featuring two theatres that have kept live musical performances going since 1939.

Enjoy the unique local diners, shops, appeal and charming attractions of small towns scattered throughout the Appalachian Mountains, such as Middleboro’s Grand Victorian Cumberland Manor Bed & Breakfast, built in 1890, and Pineville’s beautifully restored 1939 Art Deco Bell Theater. As you wind your way through The Kentucky Wildlands, you’ll find so much to see and discover on along the Wilderness Road Heritage Byway.

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