Cities and Towns of The Kentucky Wildlands

Dozens of welcoming cities and towns offer one-of-a kind adventures and experiences in The Kentucky Wildlands. Quaint mountain villages and historic, picturesque Main Streets beckon with local cafes, coffee shops, bookstores and boutiques filled with unique gifts, finds and crafts. Shop for fresh, locally grown produce at a farmers market, sip a regional handcrafted brew, or attend a live performance at a restored theater, gallery or museum. Many of these scenic towns, nestled next to lakes, tucked among rolling hills and highland valleys, serve as gateways to large national recreation areas, national parks, forests, backcountry trails, scenic gorges, mountain peaks and many other natural wonders.

Hidden Gems in the Kentucky Wildlands

Liberty Park Veteran's Wall

The Veteran’s Wall is a memorial dedicated to all U.S. Service Members from Liberty...

Asher Hunting Access Area

This area is open to hunting for statewide regulations and rules and regulations in...

Zilpo Road National Forest Scenic Byway

The Zilpo Scenic Byway is a gently curving eleven mile road with a travel time of...

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