Culture of The Kentucky Wildlands

There aren’t many places left in the world today that time seems to have forgotten. Yet, rich in beauty, folklore, human endeavor, dignity and grit, this part of Kentucky feels like another time and place. 

A cultural melting pot, The Kentucky Wildlands is home to a distinct blend and brand of history and people, rooted in centuries of strong family ties, pride and tradition. Here, the Appalachians’ past, folklore and legends are passed from generation to generation through the local crafts, food and stories of master artisans, musicians, chefs and writers. From the high lonesome sounds of mountain songs to intricate handcrafted quilts, from art deco theaters to Appalachian classics, such as apple stack cake and moonshine, many of these sounds, tastes and experiences can only be found here.

Hidden Gems in the Kentucky Wildlands

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Alice Lloyd College

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Twin Knobs Campground and Recreation Area

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