Get your walking shoes on and embark on a weekend adventure of chasing waterfalls and finding your inner explorer! Scroll down to explore the locations featured in this itinerary.

DAY 1: COPPERAS FALLS (Slade – Wolfe County)

Go - Begin your weekend on the “unofficial trail” to Copperas Falls & engross yourself in the beauty of The Kentucky Wildlands. This trail is approximately 3 miles long, so once you reach the waterfall, pause for a while and enjoy the refreshing mist and the natural serenity of the area. You can also explore the creek or dip your feet in the water to cool off!

If you're up for another journey, head to Thrillsville Adventure Park where you can do rock climbing, underground kayaking, ziplining, and a rope obstacle course!

Eat - Head back and eat some dinner at Miguel’s Pizza where you can find a vast variety of pizzas, salads, and sandwiches or maybe indulge in a night of food and entertainment at Sky Bridge Station with burgers, wraps, and more!

DAY 2: WHITTLETON FALLS (Pine Ridge – Wolfe County)

Go - Adventure through Wolfe County’s longest trail with a waterfall, for 5.25 miles of towering trees and vibrant wildflowers. As you hike along the trail, you'll come across Whittleton Branch Creek leading you to Whittleton Falls. Take a moment to appreciate the peaceful sounds of the flowing water and enjoy the soothing atmosphere. It can be a great spot to pause, cool off, or take some photographs.

Looking for more excitement? Embark on a stroll or a scenic drive through Nada's Tunnel, immersing yourself in the captivating history and authentic allure of The Red River Gorge

Eat  - After a long day of hiking, come relax and enjoy a bite to eat at the Red River Rockhouse. This farm-to-table restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients while offering a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere where you can refuel and satisfy your appetite.

DAY 3: CREATION FALLS (Campton – Wolfe County)

Go - Take this accessible and exciting 1.4-mile hike through Rock Bridge Trail where you can hike through layers of sandstone and sculpted, unique shapes of rocks leading you to Creation Falls. Where there are opportunities for everyone to enjoy the calm and shallow water by swimming or splashing in the pool beneath the waterfall.

Eat - Nearing the end of your adventure, stop in at La Cabaña’s family-owned restaurant and enjoy some traditional Mexican dishes where you'll leave your trip feeling full and content!

In the mood for some southern BBQ instead? Make your way to Thatcher’s BBQ Company to experience where they take pride in slow-smoking their meats in order to give their customers the best flavor and quality there is to offer.


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The Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall Trail

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