The Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall Trail 



The Kentucky Wildlands is home to more than 800 waterfalls, but you can experience some spectacular ones on The Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall Trail. While it’s impossible to feature all our great waterfalls on one trail, you’ll find these seventeen magnificent falls along forested paths, at the end of majestic mountain hikes or even on a short trek from a parking lot. On The Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall Trail, no two falls are alike. Each possesses its own unforgettable stories, legends and history that makes discovering them even more memorable and fun. Each will reward you with their own stunning backdrops, cool cascades and scenic pools and leave you awestruck, beckoning you to explore and linger a while longer. Discover the amazing natural wonders of The Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall Trail.


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The Waterfall Map Final

Seventy-Six Falls
Mill Springs Falls
Creation Falls
Seventy-Six Falls
Anglin Falls

The Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall Trail Ambassadors

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