Bike The Kentucky Wildlands

Pedal your way through the hilltops, small towns and beautiful surrounding nature of The Kentucky Wildlands. Mountain bike through the majestic Daniel Boone National Forest for a more daring excursion. Ride alongside cascading rivers and across state resort parks for a relaxing outing. Take in awe-inspiring vistas as you trek through the Appalachian mountaintops. Whether you’re riding solo or with the whole family, you’ll find pedaling adventures on every turn.

Trek The Daniel Boone National Forest

Enjoy more than 600 miles of connected trails as you bike your way throughout the Daniel Boone National Forest. Featuring hundreds of indigenous plant species and abundant wildlife, you’ll feel one with nature as you pedal your way through the forest’s many trails. Most trails are multi-use with easy access points for rides of any length. With miles of gravel or dirt roads, finding a trail suitable for your riding experience will be trouble free. Cross bridges and zip down pathways while looking out at the scenic countryside on the 282-mile Sheltowee Trace Multi-Use Trail. For a challenge, mountain bike the Lakeview Ridge Trail. This uphill route will really test your mettle before its rapid descent. Whatever your biking pleasure, the forest has something for you.

Coast Through Nature

The 20-mile Sugarcamp Mountain Trail System offers sweeping views as you peddle over awe-inspiring mountaintops. Ride along clean-water lakes and rivers on designated trail systems, such as the Cave Run Lake Trail. Take in the sights while coasting through state parks, like Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. Kentucky’s longest rail-trail, the 18-mile Dawkins Line Rail Trail near Paintsville, features 24 railroad trestles, as well as Gun Creek tunnel.

Cycle The Town of Trails

Journey into the cycling town of London for an epic biking experience. Wedged between Daniel Boone National Forest and Levi Jackson Wilderness Park, this trail town has gained popularity for both road cycling and mountain biking. Take part in one of the yearly events, such as the RedBud Ride hosted every spring. Cruise through horse country as you take in all the natural beauty around you. If you’re seeking more adventure, shred up some half-pipes at London-Laurel Wellness Park. With so many trails to explore for all levels, this cycling town is great for the whole family.

Journey Down Gravel Roads

Calling all gravel cyclists! Ride through 60 miles of back roads, gravel roads, hills, creeks and farmland in Lick Falls. Clack Mountain Road is a challenging doubletrack perfect for experienced gravel riders. In the Morehead and Cave Run area, the Limestone Loop includes three miles of the Sheltowee Trail and a new singletrack section. For quality gravel roads, head on over to Red River Gorge. Perfect for winter riding, you can enjoy the trails of Indian Creek Road and Spaas Creek Road.

Ride Around Laurel Lake

Laurel Lake Trail is widely considered one of the best trails in the state. This local-favorite trail is perfect for mountain bikers of all skill levels. Twist around the Laurel River Lake's shore as you dart throughout the forest. Catch glimpses of awe-striking views, from towering cliffs and stone arches to a majestic waterfall. With little to no rocks or roots, this trail offers a smooth biking experience that you can take at your own pace. Slowly cruise along to appreciate the surrounding views and nature, or pedal fast for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

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