Surrounded by Daniel Boone National Forest and lying at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Corbin, Kentucky is a charming city with a wealth of natural and cultural gems waiting to be discovered. From awe-inspiring waterfalls and fun-filled festivals to rich heritage and a secret herb garden, Corbin offers a range of experiences for all types of travelers.

Whether you're drawn to the majestic Cumberland Falls, the history of Colonel Sanders, the revitalized Main Street or the serene parks and lakes, get the most of your visit with the best things to do in Corbin.

  1. Find Moonbow Magic at Cumberland Falls:

    Corbin's crown jewel is undoubtedly Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, home to the "Niagara of the South" – Cumberland Falls. Witness the mesmerizing moonbow phenomenon, a rare lunar rainbow, during full-moon nights. Explore hiking trails, go horseback riding or enjoy picnicking with a view that will leave you in awe.

  2. Discover Serenity in the City:

    Take a tranquil stroll along the Ed Tye Creek Walk, a hidden oasis in the heart of Corbin. Lush greenery, scenic bridges and the soothing sound of flowing water create a peaceful atmosphere perfect for a leisurely walk or a moment of contemplation.

  3. Join the Community at NIBROC Festival:

    Experience Corbin's vibrant spirit at the NIBROC Festival, an annual event held every August that brings the community together. Enjoy live music, parades, carnival rides and delicious food. It's a time to celebrate Corbin's history and the people who call it home.

  4. Spend the Day at Sanders Park:

    Open year round with free admission, Sanders Park offers a beautiful setting featuring memorial pavers, plaques and a life-size bronze statue of the Colonel himself. Kids can play on the playground while adults have a picnic or have a look at the monarch butterfly wayside station. Take a leisurely stroll along the walking paths and through Colonel’s “Secret Recipe Garden,” containing some of the 11 herbs and spices used in Colonels’ famous secret recipe.

  5. Paddle and Fish at Cumberland River:

    Discover the beauty and water recreation of the Cumberland River. Rent a kayak or canoe and paddle through eastern Kentucky’s picturesque landscapes. Fishing enthusiasts will find ample opportunities to cast their lines and reel in a catch.

  6. Kentucky Native American Heritage Museum:

    Delve into the rich heritage of the region and the fascinating history of Kentucky's First People at the Kentucky Native American Heritage Museum. Explore exhibits showcasing the history, culture and artistry of native peoples.

  7. Catch Live Entertainment at The Corbin Arena:

    Grab tickets to catch a concert, sporting event, musical or a thrilling show at The Corbin Arena. This modern venue hosts a variety of events that promise entertainment for all ages.

  8. Harland Sanders Café and Museum: The Birthplace of KFC

    Visit the Harland Sanders Café and Museum, where Colonel Sanders developed his iconic Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe. Learn about the history of this world-famous brand and enjoy a meal in the very place where it all began.

  9. Find Riverside Relaxation at Laurel Bridge Recreation Area:

    The Laurel Bridge Recreation Area is the nearest lake access point to I-75 and Corbin. Savor the peaceful ambiance of this secluded getaway. Pack a lunch to enjoy the area’s picnic tables and grills, enjoy the volleyball court and baseball diamond, utilize the boat ramp or simply take in the natural beauty.

  10. Go Camping Under Kentucky Wildlands’ Stars:

    Escape into the wilderness at one of Corbin’s many campgrounds for both tent campers and RVers, including Falls Creek Cabins and Campgrounds, Good Steward Family Campground, Grove Campground, Laurel Lake Camping Resort, Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort and more.

  11. Movie Nights at the Cinema:

    It’s showtime! Catch the latest movies to hit the market or enjoy a classic film at the Tri-County Cineplex. For a touch of nostalgia, don't miss Flashback Cinema's screenings of timeless favorites.

  12. Refreshing Dips at Laurel River Lake:

    Cool off on a warm day with a swim at Laurel River Lake, located in the heart of Daniel Boone National Forest. This crystal-clear lake is perfect for a day of water-based fun, from swimming to fishing and boating.

  13. Find a Green Oasis at Rotary Park:

    Rotary Park is a peaceful urban escape with walking trails, picnic areas, a dog park, ballfield and a playground. It's a serene escape in the city for a family outing or a leisurely afternoon.

  14. Discover Vanhook Falls:

    Venture a bit outside of Corbin to discover the magnificent Vanhook Falls trailhead. One of 17 waterfalls along The Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall Trail, this hidden gem is a breathtaking waterfall surrounded by lush forest, rock slab formations and the Cane Creek Valley, perfect for a nature hike and some serene contemplation.

  15. Dine and Shop Downtown:

    Corbin’s downtown storefront occupancy has increased from 60% to nearly 100% in just a few short years. From local restaurants, bakeries and cafes with locally sourced products to unique boutique shopping, enjoy strolling the city’s quaint, revitalized Main Street.