Red River Gorge Scenic Byway

Cruise down a National Scenic Byway alongside flowing pristine rivers, incredible one-of-a-kind natural wonders and remarkable historic man-made constructions with breathtaking views, easy access to amazing trail overlooks, picnic areas and more on the spectacular Red River Gorge Scenic Byway.

Take in 46 miles of the beautiful Red River Gorge Geological Area (designated a National Natural Landmark) while driving alongside the free-flowing Red River, Kentucky’s only Wild and Scenic River. Be sure to look out for incredible roadside natural stone arches, sandstone cliffs and awe-inspiring rock formations. Pass through dense forested surroundings, over steel bridges and through the 900-foot long mountainside Nada Tunnel, originally built in 1910 and now on the National Register of Historic Places. Stop off at numerous scenic trails of varying lengths and discover sweeping panoramic views, such as the one from 1,000-foot high Chimney Top Rock. And relax in clean, open picnic areas surrounded by majestic trees and lookouts such as the Sky Bridge Picnic Area. From Stanton to Zachariah, there’s so much to behold along the unforgettable Red River Gorge Scenic Byway.

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