Off-Road Trails

Race across breathtaking mountaintops, shred down rugged hillsides, cut around dense forest pathways, tear it up through abandoned mining routes and more on one-of-a-kind off-road trails in The Kentucky Wildlands.

Take in sweeping mountaintop expanses while putting your best off-road vehicle to the test in places such as the 8,000-acre Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Park featuring 150 miles of cragged summit-reaching, multi-use trails designed for ATVs, side-by-sides, dirt bikes, trucks, jeeps and buggies. Rip it up and over the staggered rocky foothills at Rush Off-Road featuring 100 miles of daring multi-use, rock-covered and tree-lined rolling terrain. Dig in and crank full-throttle through the majestic Daniel Boone National Forest featuring over 150 miles of deep-wooded connecting multi-use trails spread out across four different OHV trail riding districts.

And kick up the dust on old uncompromising mining routes, such as the ones at Mine Made Paradise Park featuring 43,000 acres of reclaimed coal lands full of flowing water passes, mudded-over pathways and hardened jagged earth. The off-road trails of The Kentucky Wildlands are sure to astound and satisfy all kinds of thrill seekers, no matter your vehicle.

Popular Destinations in the Kentucky Wildlands

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