Whitley Co- Cumberland Falls - Whitley and McCreary Counties

Top Things To Do In Natural Bridge State Park

Nestled within The Kentucky Wildlands lies a natural wonder home to one of Mother Nature's most impressive creations: Natural Bridge. The colossal sandstone arch stretches majestically across the densely forested landscape of Natural Bridge State Resort Park. But this park and its namesake rock…

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Photographing Fall Foliage

When we all want to "get back to normal," nature comes through for us. Just as they have for millennia, the colors of fall will sweep across The Kentucky Wildlands from late September throughout October. You can count on it. You also can capture this glorious transformation of seasons in photos ..…

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Getting Away in The Kentucky Wildlands

Everything they said is pretty much true. I came to that conclusion sitting in a kayak in the middle of a pond in the heart of the Red River Gorge contemplating how long it would take to drift about a hundred yards across the glassy water without lifting my paddle. The awe-inspiring beauty. The…

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